Cisco Data Center Fabric innovations, online event

Evolutionary Fabric, Revolutionary Scale, Cloud-Ready-Cisco Event March 30th

ขอเชิญเข้าร่วมงานแบบออนไลน์ Cisco Data Center Fabric innovations วันที่ 30 มีนาคม เวลา 9 โมงเช้า PST (ตรงกับเวลาประเทศไทย ห้าทุ่ม วันพุธที่ 30 มีนาคม)


Join us March 30, 2011 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC -7) for the online event “Evolutionary Fabric, Revolutionary Scale: A Nondisruptive Way to Handle Dynamic Data Center and Cloud Environments.” See how Cisco is evolving its standards-based fabric portfolio to simply and securely deliver any application to any location at scale.

Cisco customers will talk about their top challenges in the data center environment and the steps they’re taking to solve them.

Experienced industry analysts will talk about new data center and cloud computing trends and the strategic role of the data center fabric.

Cisco experts will talk about several new fabric innovations that:

  • Extend unified fabric consolidation beyond the access point
  • Provide industry-leading convergence with “wire-once,” on-demand functionality
  • Address ultra-low latency workload requirements
  • Evolve your infrastructure to virtualized, highly secure, cloud-ready environments

Don’t miss out. Register now to join us for this special event.



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